We'll handle the paperwork so that you aren't buried in it!

Abstraction Engineering Inc. is professional engineering for safe machinery. We conduct essential safety evaluations for field evaluation, hazard analysis and risk assessment, CE Mark for European machinery, SEMI S2, RIA R15.06 robot, manuals and labels, and factory safety.

Did you know that there are more than 100 code writing bodies in the world, and they have produced more than 10,000 standards? Understanding the code and implementing the best practices is the difference between diligence and negligence.

Abstraction Engineering makes legal conformity simple by “abstracting” the codes, standards, EU directives, and best practice into easy-to-understand checklists and reports.

We are known for a fast response. Our outstanding credentials and experience result in a reduced risk for accidents and injuries. Our well-written reports will help you sell your machinery and get your permits approved.

Intended Audience

Facility and EHS (environmental health and safety) managers who install machinery, with concern for worker safety and permit approval may need:

Engineering and regulatory managers who sell or refurbish machinery, who want their products to be code compliant
and go out the door on time with one-way tickets, and who want the safest product at a reasonable cost may need:

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